The different fastening systems

A good fastening system is important for the canopy to have a good grip and to be secure. Point holder or sword arm, pipe support and wall clamps are offered.

Canopies are attached with hard plastic or aluminum brackets. Aluminum has a higher load capacity, up to ninety kilos are possible. Plastic mounts carry up to thirty kilos.
be securely fastened

A canopy at the front door

  • must be chosen in different materials
  • is permission-free in compliance with certain sizes and distances.
  • offers protection against wind and weather
  • brings a visual enhancement to the entrance area.
  • Finished kit or custom-made product

An entrance canopy is available as a complete kit, some fastening material is still needed. It is also made by the manufacturers but also according to customer request, so that there is something for everyone.

The prices of the suppliers depend on the material

For a high-quality canopy in desk or saddle form you have to expect about 350, - €. Partly a covering with bricks, Eternit or roofing felt is possible. A canopy in stainless steel / glass combination is just under € 1000, -. Finishes in Plexiglas are offered from 150, - Euro. has polycarbonate canopies in its range. K has a huge selection of canopies in wood and aluminum / glass design. Vord at doffel-Fabrikverkauf there are beautiful canopies made of plastic.

  • Tips & TricksWho is not clumsy handcrafted, gets a self-assembly kit, these are commercially available at relatively low prices. Make sure the canopy above the front door is secure and above all secure.
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