1st order is half the life

A walk-in wardrobe promises a good overview and plenty of storage space for clothing and accessories. This works only if you keep order. Arrange your cabinet sensibly and try to keep it organized. Once a week, take half an hour to one hour to clean the closet.

2. Create storage space

If you need additional storage space in your walk-in closet, you can do it easily with a few tricks: Sew numerous pockets on a piece of carpet or a thick piece of fabric where you can store accessories. You can easily store messy lingerie packs in baskets or home-made boxes. If you do not have a jewelry box, you can also hang your chains and bracelets on clothes hooks. So you always have them in view immediately.

Crates and baskets provide a better overview when you divide them into smaller sections. In the furniture market, you get baskets that already have subdivisions or you can build them yourself by Insert cardboard strips into each other and separate individual areas according to your requirements. Farb 3. Coloring

A walk-in closet should have a nice ambience that invites you to look around in peace and mind to select the outfit for the day or the evening. Therefore, you can also be creative in the color design: pale yellow walls, white shelves and light green baskets create, for example. a pleasant atmosphere. Licht 4. Light

When building your walk-in closet, remember that you need a light source here. If there is no ceiling light in the area, you can alternatively set up a floor lamp, which creates beautiful indirect lighting. But you can also be more creative and, for example. Fasten narrow tubes under a few shelves. How to create a modern, creative lighting. It is practical if you install a motion detector in the entrance area of ​​your walk-in closet, so that when you enter the cabinet by itself the light comes on. Schuhe 5. Shoes

Shoes can either be stowed away in a home-made shoe rack, or you can stretch a clothes rail over the floor and let your shoes hang on hangers. Alternatively, you can also attach one or shelves just above the ground. Make sure you have a slight incline (the back part must be higher than the front one) so that you can see the shoes better.

6. Mirror

If your walk-in closet is large enough to change, remember to leave room for a large mirror. So you can inspect after dressing and choose matching accessories better. If your wardrobe is not big enough, you should preferably attach a full-length mirror near the walk-in closet. In addition, you can still decorate the mirror. Find out what options are available here: beautify mirrors.

Tips & TricksYou do not have a walk-in wardrobe yet? We'll explain how you can easily build one yourself: In just a few steps to the walk-in closet.

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